Montag, 10. April 2017

Trump turn, turn, turn…

Trump turn, turn, turn…

The election is long ago.
Die Wahlen sind lange her.
Peace has been a good slogan.
Frieden war ein gutes Schlagwort.
Bombs are the reality today.
Bomben sind heute die Realität.
Yesterday is long ago.
Gestern ist lange her.
Was interessiert mich mein Geschwätz von gestern.

The world got a new USA-President.
Donald the 2nd. plays now the King of New Babylon.
The democracy is over. Elections are not nescessary.
President Trump is his own strongest opposition.
Turn, turn, turn.
Trump started to shift toward a neo-con posture.

With depleted uranium weapons the USA crossed all red lines.

Mr. President, where are your emotions about depleted uranium weapons of the USA? Bomb the Pentagon for this unpardonable sin.
Mr. President Trump are you blind in all.?
With depleted uranium the USA crossed all red lines.
Depleted uranium that is the biggest war crime in this time against the civilians, it does not get any worse than that.
The one who hates the truth is cursed and condemned by God.
G. Staedtler

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